Apex offers efficient and cost-effective hotel receivership services and workouts. We understand the uniqueness of this asset class given their 24/7 operations, daily rents, franchise/license agreement, management and technical services agreements, labor agreements, and lender requirements.

We assist in providing an optimal path to an executable solution for all stakeholders, with the least disruptions and cost burden. Furthermore, we understand the legal intricacies and unique challenges found in distressed properties and their requirement of neutrality – an ability to serve in an unbiased manner.

Our services are highlighted by the following:

Develop recommendations for operational and guest experience improvements

Monitor micro and macro trends of the market which may influence performance

Conduct periodic meetings with court, operator, lender, and/or ownership

Review and prioritize all service and third party agreements

Compliance with local and state laws

Ensure proper HR procedures are in place

Ensure all systems, especially life safety, are operational and maintained

Implement accounting controls - bank account control

Evaluate physical needs – lifecycle – remaining franchise term